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live fast die young drink capri sun


evolution of bucky barnes.

❝ Either way, I’m terribly frustrated. Marvel’s commitment to the female gaze (see all sorts of Marvel movies where the hero is shirtless for no good reason, Thor: The Dark World being the best example) has brought them a female fanbase, and with Guardians they sold 44% of tickets to women (up from about 40% on their previous films). They know women are out there. They know they buy tickets. They’ve been interested in catering to them. So why not a movie about them, or merch featuring them?

Marvel, I know you’re reading this. I know you’re reading all of these articles. It’s time to just make the announcement. We’re getting restless out here, and if you end up rebooting Howard the Duck before you give a woman a lead role there’s going to be hell to pay. ❞

but if i have this thing, it’s got to work some of the time. it’s got to help
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September 2013, London.

September 2013, London.

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99.9% sure that Kevin is Rapunzel.


99.9% sure that Kevin is Rapunzel.